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I changed the font. But I should change the style. (For stringbuilder maze). Now I'm second guessing my traverse algorithm.As for not being able to go backwards to number being set to 0, 9, and not inside an arraylist: perhaps something to consider with addition of random maze generation.Wouldn't it be funny if my traverse algorithm were wrong ? The manual transmission is too fun. Yes, the API of the buttons and layout are off. I haven't had time.

0.1 manual transmission


College professor provided the maze 3 dimensional 1 and 0 pattern and I turned the project into a game by adding a button for each direction. I'm aware it's not smart to broadcast the maze and path of maze on YouTube unless I come up with my own maze pattern. However, I've drawn a blueprint for such a feature of randomized maze generation. I have the details in my head on how to make sure a valid path is generated. In due time....