Intro to Java (1500)

Auburn Hills, Winter 2017 I attended Introduction to Java (1500). In my free time I did my best to write all semester long torwards my own project. Professor O'Connor allowed the class to creatively be free within design for an end of semester project (upon approval). Some areas I improved on after this version is the messy parameters. Why on earth did I insit on referencing every single variable this way? Check out the Android APK **LINK ME**

Side Project


Pictures of Output

goFish-2.18.17 Github
goFish-4.3.17 Github
goFish-4.5.17 Github
goFish-4.9.17 Github
goFish-4.10.17 Github
goFish-4.21.17 Github
goFish-4.22.17 Github