Android GoFish APK



Video Demonstration


Bug Squashing

  • Bug squashing demonstration

  • Having a card that should not exist ! Oh no! Bring me a card counter! Ban such a person!

  • Demonstration of computerhand not quite accurate with feedback log.

  • Having to say goldfish with empty human hand. Do it for me.

  • Requires computer to place all pairs near endgame act 3 just before conclusion out to sudden death kicks in.

  • About tab! What do with new content activity ? Set aside ~~~



Small improvements such as only pairs highlighting and not 3 or more, ordered arraylists, WIP game end ~~ sometimes the gui displays minus one card of computer hand placing pair or sometimes displays cards for humamhand that already have two pairs of placed in a pile. I'd like to add A,J,K,Q but it would be smart to wait until other bugs mentioned above are resolved, before adding variations of ints and strings/letters and numbers that currently only check for numbers and not letters, no? Once the small things are ironed out then begins the fun remixing phase of taking the rules of GoFish and going beyond, wait and see. Pairs not ending a turn , turncounter WIP, sometimes human or computer has empty hand and has to call GoFish´╗┐



I'm really enjoying this!Excuse the late 2 am timing, all of my evening classes allow me weird schedules. I have learned to plug my phone into my tablet and click compile and have my phone debug my app within seconds and have instant feedback. I love java so mucj and this is a treat ! If you want to see what I worked on this weekend I wrote GoFish. This is a project I've over a year of writings on, and today I improved the engine some more. I call it the fish engine. I'm not sure if I should share the apk but I could share that if I had server database support then I would upload client variables and provide dynamic variables that alter gameplay! There has been SO MUCH vast improvement behind the scenes on these writings in such short time span! Much complicated arrangements delicately placed and calibrated:) WIP - Version control imminent. Much possibility to cast light on!!!!



I added pairs for human and computer. Makes the game a whole lot more fun. Except for the bug when selecting 3 cards and breaking until fixed, which I swear was rare until recording this video lol. I seriously can't stop writing and playing. I'm getting somewhere and I'm having conversation with AI. Wahoo!!!! Fix == outer right (last /n +1 c++ value) or new game, pair ends turn. Computer has 50% chance to call check for duplicate (named duplicatesarraylist which crosses intersection array list, retains all possible and randomly chooses) . ~~~~ TIME FOR DETERMINATOR cout Java