Sum 41

Crofoot - Pontiac, Michigan


Hello, This is a tough one
I am not ready
This is huge.
If I can share detail I will
23ish months ago?
all memories flood my brain while listening
15 years in the making?
Sounds about right...

This one anything I say requires care
How many eyes read what I have to say about this one???
My experience with this show....

What I can say is this quality compares with my Senses Fail recording
Less fog with the audio More crisp. VERY LOUD. Within feet of speaker.
.. Something to remember as like any other audio concert :
  1. Bayside
  2. Rise
  3. 10 Years
  4. New Found Glory
  5. Tigers Jaw
  6. Minus The Bear
  7. Silverstein
That while my attempts of recording live music .... well .... let me just say that it is important to remember that this is a concert atmosphere.
That's all i'm gonna say about that topic haha

I will also say this. That this audio has different results.
Headphones? Speakers? Car Stereo?
Pop Punk to the core
This audio powers an engine.
Regarding tracklisting: I coulda sworn I named the tracks.
For now it's unnnamed and numbered.
23 tracks 1:07:26

I can edit the tracknames later
  1. 5:13
  2. 2:17
  3. 2:50
  4. 0:45
  5. 0:25
  6. 3:25
  7. 2:54
  8. 3:28
  9. 4:21
  10. 3:05
  11. 2:24
  12. 4:12
  13. 3:03
  14. 10:04
  15. 2:56
  16. 4:27
  17. 3:35
  18. Black Sab 2 (1:13)
  19. Black Sab (0:34)
  20. drum solo (2:51)
  21. other song (0:57)
  22. pink floyd (1:19)
  23. we will rock you (0:57)

The reason I can't share at the moment:
This recordings are my journal
I remember listening while in MI and PA
I remember my life at the time
Driving to school,
Going from Ohio to Pennsylvania,
One day Prior to attending Rise Against concert
Same time frame of family friend passing
The venue atmosphere itself
The live composition by the band
These are all the things in which are recorded
To me is just very personal :D
In Time!!!

Well, come to think of it..
I did once share the Drum Solo...
If you can find it else I privatized it...
Recently I can say I feel an outcoming "PUT IT ALL ONLINE"
It ain't that easy....

Come back later for more! ;)