Welcome to the old index!

This portion of the website is the old index file which was last updated as of the last entrant in the changelog. The main reason for this change is for the update of the nav menu!

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Changelog Wishlist
  1. Leaves Images
    • I dunno why I used left, top positions and not multiple background images. Is now backround!!!!!
  2. html
    • sourceAdjust to sourceAdjustSmaller, because why have big images AND dropdown images? EH?
  • Dropdown images for: intAlg, introJava because why have small images AND NOT dropdown? EH?
  • Wider table for android , because the scroll div is shrinking the width and the youtube video is shrinking the space for text inside the table. But hey, atleast the colors are light and not dark!/s
  • A cleaned up linkedCss would be nice. Right now the file is kind of a mess with every class and id attribute thrown in there without priority and requiring ctrl+f
  • Changing "r0", "r1" to "c0", "c1" would nice because its a col and not row.
  • Cleff,Leaves for various pages.
  • HTML table theme adjustment
  • Social Media widget
  • IP Widget
  • Non highlighted widget color
  1. 1500Java, intAlg picture outputs inside seperate table col
  • Widgets
  1. Tables adjusted to global theme
  2. Addition of header, section, footer
  3. Image figure caption
  4. Images inside tables, not fixed pos
  5. Android gofish, maze table improvement (videos on outer most)
  • Media query, dynamic display for user screen resolution
  1. Network Table
  2. Skew Image
  3. Database Image Adjustment, table descending to ascending
  4. Various pages having image cleff transform
  5. Addition of HTML Notes:
    • 2.13.18
    • 2.15.18
    • 3.6.18
    • 3.13.18
    • 3.22.18
    • 3.29.18
    • 4.3.18
  • More detailing
  1. Tables
    • Added to:
    1. android-Gofish
    2. android-Maze
  2. Forms
    • Added to:
    1. android-Gofish
    2. android-Maze
    3. Index
  3. MetaTags
  4. rollover image anchors
  1. Do I delete the following main and rely on the dropdown?
    • java1500 (if not then finish table)
    • intAlg
    • android
  2. Complete uncompleted theme synchronization
  3. Decide how to arrange rollover image anchor (stuck on left b/c div within div)
  • Centered index table, colorized

  • centered dateNotes table, colorized

  • Added transformation image left right side

  • h1 and h2

  • Backround image transition fun

  • convert int alg java intalg intro to javascript

  • Tables, more organized. Between index, html, Obj Java.

  • Database notes merged into tables as well. Much simpler design than taking the entire screen height, although div box hidden by default and onclick show is tempting.

Complete a three dimensional table of:

  1. (Java)

    • Intro, Object, Data Structures

    • Importing more notes into HTML, implementing each content supplied by said notes

    • More computer lab time throughout the month of april to reach project deadline

    • Implement Javascript version of Gofish, Int Alg APPS if not too complicated converting from Java to JS

  • Added HTML5 notes && in class examples (getRequirePermission() return null)
  1. For each article image

    • convert into div

    • seperate from nav anchor for mouse hover

  2. Adjust navmenu bar to not be so wide

  3. Add Interpersonal Communications writings

  4. Implement more HTML:

    • Tables,

    • images,

    • box shadow.

    • A more wide variety of tools for each class based configuration!

  • Addition of Eng, Networking, UML, HTML5, determinator(wip)
  1. determinator completion

  2. Addition of the following:
    • dB-sept-17
    • dB-oct-17
    • dB-restOf-17
    • obJ-9.11.17
    • obJ-9.18.17
    • obJ-9.25.17
    • obJ-10.2.17
    • obJ-10.30.17
    • obJ-Nov.17
  3. Organization of text for every page to be centered aligned easy to read
  • The entire Java dropdown and html page and article image and link

  • GoFish obj java page as well

  • The completion of Intermediate Algebra ropdown and pages and images and links

  • Videos and descriptions of Android gofish and maze. Unsure if source and output are required

  • Added Notes To:

  • Objet Oriented

  • Database
  • HTML5 notes to have inside paragraph tag for each notepad file of notes

    • Database Determinator

    • HTML5 document for UML modules (and networking)

    • All subpage articles conversion into dropdown that does not conflict with navmenu

    • Better gallery arrangement if better than article and scrolling long page length

    • "Contact" button @@ bottum of page for [email protected] && TOP bottuns
    • heading with nav bar for top mid low nav for long page? or only one header?
    • Android mobile site navbar fix for Android dropdown hanging outside header border radius circle not square

    • Better looking graphical user interface of highlighting important portions of page and contrasting others

    • Project COmpletion by 4.20.18 or end of april
    • Obj Oriented main tag
    • MNSCards is both database and obj java. Which page to go on?