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Siege Zero Changelog

Changelog Wishlist
  • Director - Updated camera angles - better film
  • Whip/Crag/Shade/Shift - No more teleporting if in combat
  • Whip/Crag - Now has the option to teleport to contamination!
  • 0 tres, 0 extractors, 0 arcs, no robotics. How to Siege? lol
  • Moved server from Chicago to LA
  • Resolved month long (or longer) issue which removed server from the server browser
  • Drop Exo Tres Cost


  • Tres check and spend for structures (lots of details lol)
  • Conductor - Moved management to each individual entity with its own function which calls the conductor to check if enough delay has passed - basically increaes perf decrease lag. Only so much should be moved within certain time.
  • Keep going with this fun hehe
  • Fixed several things broken from the last updates..
    • Infinite structures spawned
    • Redplugs prevented gameplay
  • That's pretty much the gist of it without getting into too much details
  • Display "AutoComm" rather than "No Commander"
  • Disabled Contam from spawning extra ent for now
  • Re-enabled contam bile which is from ns2 default(?)
  • Enabled Disco by default
  • Whip Limit 20 to 12 (?)
  • If perf bad then make it good ;)
  • Balance Aliens? lol


  • Infestation Marine Structure Unpowered
    • Removed Armor>1 requirement for HP Deduction
    • Doubled DMG. Its way too slow for the pace of siege. Just like the concept of maturity.
    • Players dont want to worry about cleanup. That takes time away from siege.
    • This double dmg applies for powered structures with infestation only stripping armor too.
    • Power off == hp dmg

  • Whips
    • Rather than: Checking if currentwhips < maxwhips and chancing a spawn do this:
    • Spawn as many whips as we can up to the limit. Fuck it. Balls out. Aliens need it.
    • This way each room has pre-defined limit for marines
    • At-least interval it, like mimicing the "saving up tres to spam"
    • Raised max amount on field from 14 to 20 for the lulz
    • Changed Move Order - Now moves all whips at once to the same location rather than generating a spot for each whip ... choosing 1-4 whips closest to hive ... zzzz... lol.

  • Imaginator ActualAlienFormula (function grabbing what to spawn and where for alien)
    • Cleaned up even more - broke up complicated "mini functions" into their own local function easier to read when it's split up and not all complicated with a huge essay hehe

  • Robo
    • Sorry only 1 per room for now until I fix up this whole "spawning struct on other struct" thing haha

  • Hive Eggs
    • Lets fuck shit even more. Fuck it. BUGS. LETS GO. YOU WANT A BUG TO SPAWN ON MARINE SIDE WHEN YOU SHOULDNT? NOWS YOUR CHANCE. Because I want to see what happens when I set all eggs to spawn in front door room during setup time. Rather than hive room. Why would this bug out? I expect the origin to be exactly at the door (when I prefer it inside the room itself spread out). So it would probably spawn on the other side of door. Some maps I have trouble measuring the door/location correctly , one inch and the alien touches it and toggles the power for them. Happens quite a bit actually. Lets see how I tune it. Hehe. Alternative to move rather than spawn. But I did my best to make sure eggs will spawn in correct spot. My comments in the lua may say more. ugh.

  • Contam
    • remove egg spawn

  • SkulkBots:
    • XenocideLeap

  • Exo
    • Can Now Be Stunned!
    • StunMixin - On Stun - Spawn StunWall
    • 4s stun? 8s delay?

  • StunWall
    • Parent Class == BoneWall
    • Half Width/HP of BoneWall..
  • Mac:Maybe 8 total ?new order? weld struct? Be on lookout for welding struct rather than just playerweld / idle weld?
  • Structures Spawning ontop of eachother...Fix this !! (Although currently better to have spawning ontop of eachother with good perf gameplay than bad perf hehe )


  • Imaginator Spawning changes from yesterday - was not quite perfect.
    • Marine struct spawning on powerpoint.
    • Playable? yes. Struct everywhere. But not as good as it was before.
    • Perf better yes, gameplay better no

  • Marine Structures
    • Change the Imaginator count concept
    • Move to powerpoint
    • This way each room has pre-defined limit for marines
    • I want a maximum of... what..
    • X Armory per room?
    • X Sentry Per Room
    • X Proto Per room?
    • X PG Per room?
    • Rather than calculating.. "RandomChosen->Findspawn->IfRange->Spawn"
    • It'll be "PowerPointLocationCount->ReferenceSpawn->AssertNotPowerPointOrigin->Spawn"
    • Something like that

  • Marine/Alien Spawn Formula
    • Removed range requirement for the moment. Two obs can be placed next to eachother rather than
    • be spaced out
    • Widened search range from pervious post: powerpoint: 25/100/20... 75/200/40..

  • Marine spawn formula should be really good now perf and gameplay other than possible spawning struct on another struct

  • Imaginator/Conductor
    • Seperated the conducting from the imaginating. This way I can be more specific with timers.
    • I lowered the delay for structure placement calculation 12s to 8s during siege. Shouldn't notice anything other than possible faster setup heh
  • Marine structures spawning inside of eachother is known issue. This is because of a change of spawning formula. Even though this is an issue, this is still better than previous version. I had to make some changes to compensate The change from 6.4.20 had some issues with lack of spawning in certain conditions which are now way better.


  • Performance Increases(?):Rewrote from scratch how Research is done and how spawning locations are chosen

  • Research
    • Better perf from this calculation now..
    • Before I had the Imaginator with a for loop for every researchable entity, Going through each of its tech buttons, calculating if it can be be researched, It went so fast I wrote another for loop to make sure no other host entity was researching as well. I imagine this being bad on performance. Now has modified ResearchMixin which every Research structure will start a timer based on when its spawned Has better way of checking if current attempted research is currently being researched? Armor 1 and Armor 1..? In theory better perf overall. Less for loops on one calculation. We'll see.
    • This may require tuning however at the moment I believe it to be better perf and functional :).

  • Imaginator Marine and Alien Spawning Formula:
    • Rather than generating spawnpoints on the fly. I'm going to try generating the spawnpoints once only. Just generate a bunch in each room for a global setting. This way they won't be calculated constantly throughout the game
    • Generate three tables. 25 spawnpoints each. For each room on the map. When ready to spawn, rather than calculate
    • Powerpoints: Host the three tables of spawn points. Generated once.
    • It's a lot of table management.
    • The "which entity to spawn" is still bleh. Based on count. Throws in eligable. Gets random from list. Then checks for qualifications.. range and such.. if not met then fail! It's still a current caclulation at the moment!
    • Previously I would find a position based on players in room, grabbing all locations for the powerpoint randomly chosen. Or a random construct from that randomly chosen room.
      Now the perf should be better perhaps with way less calculations going on.
  • Hive Eggs Spawn Locations
    • Deleted all the recent changes I made and changed the spawning location to include from the above pregenerated list of spawn locations
    • I think the previous change was too much perf decrease but it was a good learning experience to bring over and implement the egg spawn location into generic spawn locations for both teams in every room based on powerpoint built or not built

  • GameEnd:
    • Removed "activeplayers" requirement for end game
    • If game is started and you F4 and no players on team then game won't end without all hives/ccs dying
    • Just bots in a circle, you jerk.
    • ???IMAGINE THAT???
  • TeamJoin
    • If not game started then force round start
    • No more forced to team

  • Powerpoint
    • Has a toggle saying it was .. toggled on or off during setup time
    • Attempts to prevent alien structures on marine side during setup..
    • (Marine struct spawns in room with power built, Alien struct spawns in rooms with power disabled. During setup we need to know which have been marked by a team as active otherwise spawning will happen without knowing who actually owns them. Which causes trouble in the idea of siege having a safe space of setup time which neither side can hurt eachother.
    • Has Three tables of spawn points (idea taken from Egg Spawn Points from Hive generated only Once)
    • The 0 index of the 1st table starts at powerpoint, finding a free space around it.
    • The 1st index of the 1st table starts at the 0th index, find a free space around it..
    • The 0 index of the 2nd table references the 0 index of the 1st table and tries to find a variation origin around it
    • The 0 index of the 3rd table references the 0 index of the 2nd table and tries to find a variation origin around it
    • Basically like a chain of random origins with multiple paths each which extend from the powerpoint origin
    • 25 max spawn locations per table, 100 attempts of filling the max.
    • 20 Max distance from powerpoint origin
    • These numbers should cover both small/medium/large rooms.. perhaps more looks at large rooms (007 marine base comes to mind).. or even extra large may be observed (domesiege outside)

  • Marine Weapon/Class Drops
    • Disabled all drops other than DropExo
    • I want to tune the shotgun/gl/hmg/mine to spawn near proto/armory not cc.
    • Just temp disable atleast

  • Crag/Shade/Shift
    • Rather than move origin, trigger shift echo to origin
    • Yesyes not balanced whatever, still way better than move order.
    • No more specific "Only move to front door during setup", ugh
    • DropExo
      • Require proto, drop by proto rather than CC
    • DropShotgun
      • Require AA/ShotgunTech
    • DropGL
      • Require AA
    • DropHMG
      • Require HMG Tech?
    • Bonewall ? haha
    • Setting team:
    • Change to onjoin
    • More safety/anti-exploit preventing aliens going on marine side during setup and visa versa
    1. Shade
      • Fixed from me breaking it not cloaking haha
    2. Exosuit
      • Autodropped are no longer claw, but dual minigun
    3. Exo
      • Smashes nearby cysts like it does eggs/embryo
    4. Eggs
      • Every 30 second will have a new randomly chosen cyst to have eggs spawn at (along with the original hive origin as well)
    5. Crags/Shifts
      • Don't move out of front door room during setup
    6. Marine Structures:
      • if unpowered and infested then damage over time
    7. Macs
      • Added new order rather than just 100% playerweld
        • If not setup, Move to closest unbuilt power (not siege room at the moment) (assuming mac will auto weld if not preoccupied eh)
      • Rewrote how its spawned by Robotics, prioritized over robo upgrade to arc robo/spawning arcs if not siege open.
    • Update Lightsiege again
    • *Wishlist entry moved from wishlist to changelog! Yay!*
    • Improve Crag/Shift movement during frontdooropen and not siegeopen
    • Ponder the current adjusted hive egg spawn point. The default writing is set to only generate once. My writing generates a random hive's egg spawn points every 30 seconds.
      Not just that but the default writing had a limit to only generate the limit. (If #current hive egg spawn points). I removed the limit on mine other than max attempts.
      Because there's two seperate functions calling the spawns: Original and New. Joy. Not just that. But also how it generates two areas now,hive and random cyst.
      It may be better to leave the pre-generated hive egg spawns and only mess with adding a new
      table and only modifying the spawn to also pull from the new table.
      Because I also had to modify the on spawn to not spawn by for loop iteration, but rather
      a random table entry. Else it'll always spawn hive eggs becasue they generated first...
      and not the new spawns which generated after. IT took some tweaking. I'm not proud of the overrides but hey it works.
    • If alien autocomm and cyst placed in powered room then increase cyst build time as it is pretty instant build right now
    • Known issue: HumanComm / AutoComm instantanous transition: Autocomm not relying on Human rules for supply and breaking human supply when entering/exiting/entering the chair.
    • Known Issue: Marine AutoComm Beacon : CC HP% <= 30 and nearest obs has power .. or something like that .. no indiciation of this requirement to weld chair for player. :x
    • Known Issue: Freakin timer desync on display countdown with actual time by seconds
    • Known Issue: Freakin "Commander Needed" spam.
    • Macs could use more tuning: better orders... give it the zap ability too hehe.
    • Remove no_name_siege_2017 /msiege These maps not supportive of both pathing very much for usage with siege if all player humans then fine but we're all automated this point ;)

    • Added a "give move order to all marines every 30 seconds during setup" in order to combat the maps with pathing that trick bots to do nothing but hump siege door if too annoying for human can be updated to only give to bot
    • Removed a lot of the halls
    • Redesigned alien halls, marine halls
    • Shortened dramatically
    • Still has very long narrow halls to keep the original flavor intact
    • Still has the updated vent system above marine res hehe
    • *Important* - Commander view not considered in this version as it was tuned with Siege Zero AutoComm
    • Further map tuning based on local siege zero auto comm
    • Lightsiege vent coloring / commander view if possible
    • Updated powerpoint to reflect most recent ns2 changes no longer in socket state/disabled state, just say built/not built now like other structures
    • Updated MACS to be researched by Robo rather than be created out of thin air
    • Updated Shift order destinations to mimic Crags
    • Updated destination for crag/shifts
      No longer prioritizing closest by hive
      Choose UP TO 4 random to move at every update interval
      If setup time then by front door *ONLY*
      NotSetup/NotSiege:Any Power not in same room
      NotSetup/NotSiege:Closest player/structure in combat
      If siege open, then by hive.
    • Crag no longer stops moving if healwave/entering combat
    • Crag Slightly improved perf for healwave eligibility countdown
    • Crag/Shade no longer has its own cyst chain spawning. I deleted this on whip, forgot to delete on crag.
    • Updated destination for whip
      If setup time then by front door
    • AntiExploit cyst spawning no longer self delete by front door if autocomm enabled
      Exploitable! if human comm drops in after
    • Updated Shade during setup/front opened/not siege opened to move to nearest non cloaked
      Gonna leave in the hive to pick its type on construction complete rather than on research complete b.c it's simple.
      Why bother checking every on researchcomplete , just because a chance to research two shifthives at same time ugh.
    • Changed cyst spawn count to always 4 to up to 4
    • Removed dochain cyst spawn on contam, i missed this spot earlier as well :P
    • Include shift echo
    • Bunch of structures eh
    • Shade Cloak not triggering? structures are not cloaked? players are not cloaked? investigate


    • Server slots increased from 6 to 12
    • Server upgraded to high priority cpu
    • Text for marine/alien autocomm disabling/enabling now correctly display the on/off toggling. Before it always said true although it was sometimes false!
    • Cysts now spawns periodically on structures which require infestation and are not currently on infestation
    • Removed chain spawning of cysts as it may not have accurately spawned cysts previously. I think it spawned a chain and killed any old cysts which were nearby
    • With autocomm enabled, Doubled the amount of cysts which can be placed in a radius.
    • With autocomm enabled,Cysts don't require connection with a parent now. They can be rogue and alone and be grown and alone.
    • Hive research has been rewritten for biomass upgrade and hive type upgrade. Biomass 10 is reachable and all three hives will have a type chosen.
    • Egg research will randomly choose gorge/lerk/fade/ones. As it stands it may be OP resource free w/o delay etc
    • Four gorge tunnels are set to spawn in the hive room, and four tunnels are set to spawn anywhere else in the map as long as theres one per room. We will see if range requirement is necessary.
    • Updated crag move destination to include closest in combat structure/player
    • Disabled commandstations from spawning in the same room during setup. This is to promote bases spread through multiple rooms rather than the starting room.
    • Added spawning of: jps/sgs/exos/hmgs/gls/fls at a random command station. Not at armory/proto for now. (Claw minigun.. has to be updated for other layouts too)
    Siege Zero - Four Gorge Tunnels by Hive, Four in random room one per. Revamped cyst spawning. Enhanced marine base spreading. Local server screenshot.
    • Chill because I did a lot today. Like more than 8 hours non stop writing. hehe.
    December 2019
    • Same as "Siege One"
    • Imaginator(AutoComm)
    • Conductor(AutoComm)
    • This is 5/24/2020 revamping, no wishlist posted at december because i'm barely adding the change/wish format from index :P

    Siege One Changelog

    Changelog Wishlist
    • Added ExoFlamer
      • Damage = kFlamethrowerDamage
      • Cost = kDualExosuitCost - 5
      • kConeWidth = kFlamethrowerConeWidth
      • kDamageRadius = kFlamethrowerDamageRadius
      • Energy Deduction = /2 (because *2 flamethrower) - try this out, experimenting. I remember in the past onos having 0 energy from exoflamer. I think maybe because x2 flame it pretty much drained double?
      • Notes: Tell me how the damage is for this. What tweaks you may think it needs. 2017 had it buffed in damage, may have been too much. This is now default flamethrower settings. Like default flamethrower but with infinite ammo/cooldown. Also I had a "AutoHeal" regen 1 hp every 1 second or so, this is also disabled.
    • Added ExoWelder
      • kExoWelderDamagePerSecond = 28
      • kExoPlayerWeldRate = 15
      • kExoStructureWeldRate = 30
      • Cost = kDualExosuitCost - 10
    • MarineTeam SpawnInitialStructures
      • Spawning Additional IPS: try not to spawn on top of eachother :P
      • ont Reset marine commander to marine :P
    • Added PrimalScream
      • Spawns Enzyme
      • Gives teammates +10 energy (idk how much, but it should be something imo)
    • Added AcidRocket
      • kAcidRocketDamage = 28
      • kAcidRocketDamageType = kDamageType.Corrode
      • kAcidRocketFireDelay = 0.5
      • kAcidRocketEnergyCost = 9 --was 10
      • kAcidRocketRadius = 6
      • Lifespan = 0.5 seconds
    • Tune all of the convars. Cause there's a lot of numbers to keep in mind!!!
    • MarineTeam
      • Total of 4 infantry portals spawn at round start
    • Added Wall (Placeable by MarineCommander)
      • Limit of One Per Room
      • Commander Specifies Orientation
      • Takes Structure Damage (OFC.)
      • 4,000 HP / 0 Armor
      • kWallBuildTime = 14
      • kWallTresCost = 50
      • Point Value = 3
      • Supply = 0
      • Does NOT Require Power
    • Added EggBeacon (Placeable by AlienCommander) - Best case spawns 5 eggs after 20 seconds (10s construct, 10s duration)
      • Requires CragHive
      • Limit of One on the field at a time
      • Shell Model
      • kEggBeaconCost = 50
      • kEggBeaconCoolDown = 25
      • kEggBeaconBuildTime = 10
      • kEggBeaconIntervalDelay = 2
      • kEggBeaconLifeSpan = 10
      • kEggBeaconHealth = 472
      • kEggBeaconArmor = 122
      • kEggBeaconMaxHealth = 715
      • kEggBeaconMaxArmor = 200
    • Tweak the Wall/EggBeacon numbers. The EggBeacon use to have: 1s interval, 8s lifespan, 10 tres.
    • EggBeacon Interval grabs all current eggs, says if greater than 20 radius then teleport the egg. Otherwise create egg if total egg count less than 16. So there's a chance that nothing will happen. If all Eggs are within radius and the count is max. Before, the limit was broke. I was able to test 30 eggs. NO longer. lol.
    • Map Editor
      • Added Various Entities
        • BreakableDoor
        • LogicBreakable (EEM Version Modified by lhvwb for team scale, I added highlight, told it to move on kill)
        • Nav Point - To generate pathing in rooms unconnected to tech_point such as domesiege siege room floating by itself w/ teleports
        • Push Trigger (EEM Version) - Khaara Khannon needs it, man!!!
    • Egg Beacon
    • Suggestions channel in Siege One discord
    • Gorge
      • Added Wall Walk
    • I'm taking requests. I think the changes have to be thought out. Possibly discussed. Before I publish. I dunno????
    • Unstuck
      • Doubled Radius from 7 to 14 for FrontDoor check during Setup
    • avocasiegegamerules
      • Changed the exact mapname requirements for timer to go by string find
        • ns1_beemersiege_2018a to beemersiege
        • ns1_aliensiege_2017a to aliensiege
        • ETC ETC All timers generic not caring about map version
          • Unless each variant has unique timer :P

    • You tell me
    • Make sure the correct map variant name is on the server
    • ResearchMixin
      • Notifies commander of upgrades free given
      • Cleaned up the writing more so its nice hehe
      • Hives
        • Biomass
          • This is set to research even if it already has it, will stop once biomass 4. To see if it prevents possible bug? Meh.

    • Unstuck
      • Not allowed by frontdoor/siegedoor
    • You tell me i'm not the one playing. I'm on Siege Zero.


    (Note I do not update master, just the branches for comparison. Deal with it)
    • ResearchMixin
      • Hives
        • Biomass
      • Evolution Chamber
        • Player Weapon Research Upgrades
      • ArmsLab
        • Checks every 4s for every techid
        • gives free if not avail
          • removes from future checking if given all tech

    • FrontDoorTime
      • Reduced from a random duration: 15%-40%
      • Gives chat message of exact amount of seconds reduced by on round start

      • While it's under debate to only give clogs nearby res towers initial infestation.
      • It's easier to revert to previous build of Clog!
        • Spawns Infestation: 3.5 radius (half of cyst radius of 7)
          • Not if by front door
          • If in siege then 2 radius rather than 3.5
          • OnKill: Cleansup infestation on nearby structures
            • Old code b.c was bugging struct not clearing infest
              • Unsure if required. will keep. keep eye out for marine struct not losing infest.
    • Request Mist
      • Note: As Per Request I only touched Request Mist. Not Request Medpack. Nor Request Ammopack.
      • This time I tried to write it smarter. Last time I would replace the entire voiceover file because its filled
        with local functions needed to be overriden. This time I hooked the network messages server
        where the voice/alert would be whatever whatever blah blah blah and hooked it to buy mist. Yada yada.
      • Using kVoiceId. rather than kTechId.
        • One Resource
        • Requires Gestation
          • Fails if mist found nearby
    • I dunno. I didn't even plan on this changelog. Feedback from wooza discord siege channel server thingy has led me here. I'll keep tuning to feedback!
    December 2019
    • Doors(Front,Siege, Breakable)
    • Timer(Countdown, Visual)
    • CommandStation placeable anywhere not requiring techpoint
    • kJetpackUseFuelRate lowered so that marines can access other portions of map which ns1 maps where designed for
    • Alien Structure Maturation Rate significantly reduced
    • Alien Research Speed significantly reduced
    • Greater Alien Egg Spawn Count && Rate
    • Greater Sentry Count per Battery
    • Global Supply Cost Reduced (WIP)
    • Greater Initial Team Resources
    • PushTrigger(EEM)
    • LogicWeldable(EEM,Broken ATM lol ugh)
    • LogicBreakable(EEM)
    • MaxEntitiesInRadius
    • AntiExploit
    • This is 6/4/2020 revamping, no wishlist posted at december because i'm barely adding the change/wish format from index :P

    Mapcycle (as of 12/17/2019)

    1. ns1_siege005_2018
    2. ns1_oh_no_more_sieges_2016a
    3. ns1_aliensiege_2017
    4. ns1_darksiege_2016b
    5. ns1_supersiege_derp
    6. ns1_climbsiege_2017b
    7. ns1_siege005_2015c
    8. ns1_msiege_2017
    9. ns1_beemersiege_2018a
    10. ns2_hivesiege_4-2015b
    11. ns1_birdsiege_2015
    12. ns1_no_name_siege_2017
    13. ns1_herosiege_r2016
    14. ns1_csiege_2018
    15. ns1_darksiege_2018
    16. ns1_epicsiege_2017
    17. ns1_fortsiege_2018
    18. ns1_lightsiege_2017
    19. ns1_powersiege_2017
    20. ns1_siege007_2018
    21. ns1_space_cow_ranch_siege_2018
    22. ns2_domesiege2_2015(1)
    23. ns2_hivesiege6_2017
    24. ns2_trainsiege2_2018

    Other Siege Maps

    1. ns1_siegeaholic_2017
    2. ns1_stormsiege
    3. ns1_weldisege
    4. ns1_xtsiege
    5. ns1_chucksiege
    6. ns1_spydersiege
    7. ns1_siegeroom
    8. ns1_cerbsiege
    9. de_dust_siege
    10. ns1_bestofsiege
    11. ns2_bunkersiege
    12. ns2_angrysiege
    13. ns2_hope_siege
    14. ns2_sorrow_siege
    15. ns2_winter_siege
    16. ns2_green_siege
    17. n1_geeksiege
    18. ns2_lobstersiege
    19. ns1_biosiege
    20. ns2_rockdownsiege
    21. ns2_tram_siege
    22. ns2_trimsiege
    23. ns1_dig_siege (2 versions)
    24. ns1_geosiege
    25. n1s_go0psiege
    26. ns2_4_26_siege
    27. ns2_4_27_siege
    28. ns2_chopsiege
    29. ns2_tinysiege
    30. Other Variants of maps listed above (2018 vs 2017 vs 2016 vs 2015 vs a vs b vs c ...)

    Siege Entities

    Side Plugins