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Could use a little more description as to design, goal, how it was written. To be brief, I vaguely remember thinking to use mapstats for the purpose of getting map timers. I never understood why some maps chose the times they did. Other than differentiating between 5 minus semi full upgrades and 7 minutes complete full upgrades. That's front door. For Siege Door, same thing. What's difference between 15 minutes, 18 minutes, 20 minutes? 25 minutes being too long? SO by based on marine / alien win loss ratio the timers got updated and saved to a json. I fully believe this difference of time makes up for balance. Front Door time: Marine side if longer?, alien door time: longer siege.... There's lots of details to come back to...

Mapstats Config

  1. GameStarted
  2. MarinesWon
  3. AliensWon
  4. AlienBonus
  5. MarineBonus
  6. zedtimeslowdownspeed
  7. ignorethisteamnumberwhencheckingzedtime
  8. minimumplayerstoactivatezedtime

ZedTime Interface(Last updated 12/18/19)

  1. OnFirstThink
  2. SetGameState
  3. GetStatsData
  4. ShowStats
  5. NotifyGeneric
  6. ShowStats
  7. ShowStats

More Data

I believe I have some old data archived of the actual mapstats used. TBD.