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(Get Free Tour) [2.23.18 Pontiac, MI] live bootleg (10s snippets)

Hello, Greetings!

I would like to share pieces of a live recording which I made at the Crofoot located in Pontiac, Michigan on 2.23.18 ! I had not originally planned to share so soon. I still have much listening to do for this recording!

For a little context,
the first concert I went to in 2018 was Neck Deep at the Majestic Theatre during a snow storm ... and I ended up recording that one with the volume settings turned onto max.. which meant the audio was ruined.

By this time late February ..
going to a venue I've never gone to before .. well .. it turns out that Pontiac is known for its post-hardcore flavor, yeah??? :)))

I was not so prepared for this venue yet, ya know?
I wasn't that early. I was kinda late. By the time
I arrived, a line had formed (By May for "Minus The Bear"/"Sum 41" (and June for "Tigers Jaw" and "The Wonder Years" (and "Bayside" .. and ... ;) )I had learnt to be first ;)).

So, a little disclaimer: This recording for Silverstein includes myself standing next to an Ohio-an who prior to the show starting
I told I knew nothing of the band ;) haha.

I was obnoxious during this recording, with the video out and all.
I was trying to tell the Ohio fellah that I am recording his hand.
I apologize for anyones fun time that I was intruding by recording video.
I tried to learn from this to be more focusing on audio from speaker :P

So I must warn you,
left speaker has the sound of a individual sinking karoake from time to time.
While the center and right speaker have
huge sounds of crowd singing along.

But yeah man .. what can I say ??
when Silverstein hit the stage, sh*** got real in the venue.
The band has a presence.
Once they hit stage, I can't explain the atmosphere...

only Silverstein and Senses Fail I have on video,
the rest I learned that only to record audio.
Anyways as you can see I recorded 48:55 of audio for Silverstein which I converted from the video. Yes I have it all on video. Bootleg style. Bleh.

I decided to release the 2:30 video snippet showing off 10s snippet of each track due to Silverstein tour being on hiatus due to recent events in the world.

At the end of the day I consider "Lost Reflections" to be a treasure.

If anyone viewing my recordings has any questions regarding the quality of my other recordings that I made from Feb-June while I was in Detroit .. just know they all vary.

How's this for a first reveal for an over two year old recording ???

Should be a good start for now anywho.....

Cya! :D