New Found Glory - Live in Crofoot - Pontiac, MI (06/01/18)


We meet again
could you guess what time it is?
Live audio bootleg recording time!
Featuring the Pontiac Choir!
Singing every note on time
Now, I never quite finished processing this recording..
As of today I only have 10 of the songs rendered into its own mp3
As you can see from my picture where I was during the recording...
I think my recordings have quality to them.
During the show I was amazed of the synchronicity
Crowd like that of attending The Wonder Years
The scene of Pop-Punk, alive in its glory
Detroit and Pontiac make this audio proud.

Remember as I say above the tracklist as of today is still not 100% processed
I currently only have 10 songs processed

CURRENT Tracklist: 10 tracks/ 0 hr 28 58
  1. 02 Understatement (2:56)
  2. All downhill from here (3:06)
  3. Barbed Wire (3:25)
  4. Better Off Dead (1:15)
  5. Failure's Not Flattering (3:36)
  6. Forget My Name (3:04)
  7. Glory of Love) (3:06)
  8. idk (1:38)
  9. Party on Apocalypse (3:22)
  10. Selfless (3:25)

Come back later for more! ;)