Minus The Bear

Crofoot 5.2.18


Here is a tease of myself waiting first in line

December 2019

Greetings, how goes it?

I've bootlegged Minus the Bear performing live at the Crofoot located in Pontiac, Michigan.

Here is the current tracklist. I apologize for the names being wrong.
This is first draft, I haven't gone back to comb over.

21 Tracks: 1:36:49

  1. burying luck (4:56)
  2. ice monster (3:52)
  3. knights (4:22)
  4. white mystery (4:42)
  5. dr lling part 2 (6:59) (One of these is wrong song name lol)
  6. shapes (4:32)
  7. when we escape (3:20) (One of these is wrong song name lol)
  8. when we escape (4:16) (One of these is wrong song name lol)
  9. double vision quest (4:57)
  10. lotus (3:56)
  11. NOT last kiss (2:51) (Need to get proper song name lol)
  12. idk (4:27) (Need to get proper song name lol)
  13. last kiss (4:35)
  14. women we haven't met yet (4:19)
  15. Michio's Death Drive (3:44) (wrong title? lol)
  16. Secret country (5:33)
  17. Hold me Down (4:26)
  18. Dayglow Vista Road (5:19)
  19. Invisible (4:02)
  20. Song Out (4:34) (Need to get proper)
For context, I was in the front row dead center.
Perfect seat in the house for this bootleg recording.
My pocketsized audio recorder was set to 30degrees.
This allows less crowd volume.

Left: Keyboard/Guitar
Center: Drums
Right: Bass Far
Right: Vocals

Because of my position combined with the 30 degrees and the position of the lead vocals, the lead vocals are less volume compared to the bass and drum.
This is a perfect recording for anyone who loves the instruments, with a sprinkle of vocals.

Not to sound too cheesy, but this very specific day in my life was a very special event for my life.
Something happened which ended a 36 year long streak regarding my personal life which I won't get into.

Yes, I also have: Pictures from my view: professional quality.
I also have a pick thrown from the stage of this event.
I also have the tracklist that was posted on stage
(Untaped and handed to me by a stage crew who noticed me standing outside in line WAY in advance for the show to start :P )
checkout my last.fm listening history for this album in the header above!


P.s - I'm not releasing on the internet at the moment. Please be patient. Thank you!

Come back later for more! ;)